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Clutch Rod Leak Repair
Item Id: MaCo-P-CR01-DS
Clutch Rod Leak Repair
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If you notice a bit of oil leaking from behind or below your clutch slave, that is from the push rod. Eventually, it will start to drip onto the exhaust.
Over time, the rod wears and gets scratched. A clutch slave rebuild kit will not fix this as they don't contain the seal that is leaking. This is normally not an easy fix folks.

V4 Market now offers a brilliantly simple and inexpensive solution. Heat Shrink tubing!
This is not the shrink tubing you are familiar with. That stuff is great on wires and such, but expose it to hot oil and the heat of an engine and it will turn to mush quick.
The tubing used here is rated to withstand chemicals and high temps, and so is unaffected by the oil and heat of your engine.

Just clean that pushrod off, remove any burrs, slip the tubing over the affected area (you'll see it), and put it in your regular gas or electric oven.

The kit comes with full instructions. It requires no tools except those for removing & reinstalling the clutch slave and cleaning the rod.
It might be a good idea to rebuild the clutch slave while you have it off. A Speed Bleeder on the slave will make bleeding the system a bit easier.

Simple, effective and inexpensive!

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