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Welcome to V4 Market!
the Store for Your V4

I am sorry to announce that V4 Market is closing. This will be completed during the week of 9/19.
It's been a great 7 years, but I can't keep on.

Some of the distributors sell on ebay as well. I list the ones I know about here:

fngster: carb kits & rebuilds, screw kits, thermostats, etc.
v4source and bdback98: K&L kits, oil & air filters, bearings (this seller is also closing out on ebay, so whatever you see now won't be there long, and is on sale)
supermagnaparts: Just like the name says, parts for the Super Magna
vinscoot2000: fuel tubes
v4man2014: final drives, starter clutches, fan switches, temp sensors

As of 9/21, no orders can be placed.

If you have questions about items you bought before the closing, you can email brian@v4market.com or send a text to (203) 731-1837

Carb rebuilds are not affected, you would normally pay the rebuilder directly anyway, V4 Market was just the order taker.
Parts will be shipped by the distributors as usual, and you will get a ship notice as usual. We expect all parts to be shipped no later than 9/24.
CRM will be available until 9/24, after which you will need to  email brian@v4market.com or send a text to (203) 731-1837
This entire site will disappear sometime during the week of 9/26. The URL should redirect to v4source.com after that.
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